Electric Heating Hot Water Boiler

Electric Heating Hot Water Boiler


Electric hot water boiler takes electric power as fuel to heat water up to rated temperature for usage, and the electric hot water boiler is widely used for home heating, hot water supply, bathing water, etc., for the outstanding features such as high automation level, rapid heating, no noise, no Pollution. The electric hot water boiler is available for either heating or hot water supply, however, if add heat exchanger on pip system, then electric hot water boiler can meet both heating and hot water supply.


1. Adopting microcomputer controller: all the simple operation can be realized by button, easy to operate, and the control function is complete.

2. Wide range for water temperature setting: client can set any temperature for the hot water within 30℃-90℃, and the boiler will supply heat or bathing water for the heat circulation system according to set temperature.

3. Good anti-corrosion performance: all the boiler has been done preservative treatment before leave factory and the lifespan can reach more than twenty years.

4. High efficiency: adopting high level centrifugal fiberglass wool for multi layer insulation save consumption and increases efficiency.

5. High quality heating pipe: adopting imported ceramic electric heating pipe and the load is 1/4 of metal pipe, and lifespan is several time of metal pipe.

Electric Heating Hot Water Boiler Electric Heating Hot Water Boiler

6. Multi protect function: earth leakage protection, overheating function, low water level cut-off device, etc.

    Model/Item CLDR0.2-85/70 CLDR0.23-85/70 CLDR0.35-85/70 CWDR0.35-85/70 WDR0.5-0(1.0)/95/70 WDR0.7-0(1.0)/95/70 WDR1.05-0(1.0)/95/70 WDR1.4-1.0(1.0)/95/70 WDR2-0(1.0)/95/70
Rated thermal power(MW) 0.2 0.23 0.35 0.35 0.5 0.7 1.05 1.4 2.1
Electric power (kw) 180 240 360 360 510 720 1080 1440 2160
Rated pressure (Mpa) 0 0 0 0 0(1.0) 0(1.0) 0(1.0) 0(1.0) 0(1.0)
Return temp. (℃) 85/70 85/70 85/70 85/60 97/70 97/70 97/70 97/70 97/70
Heating area (M2) 2130 2460 3750 3750 5000 7500 11250 15000 22500
Power supply (V/Hz) 380/50 or   customized
Heating efficiency 98-99%
Weight (kg) 490 660 710 870 1160 1250 2300 2770 3700


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