Oil Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler

Oil Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler


WNS series oil gas fired hot water boiler belongs to packages boiler and composed with boiler body, gas flue, burner, gauge valves, condenser, etc., is available for oil, natural gas, LPG, coal gas, and so on.

The oil gas boiler is widely used in hospital, school, textile plant, garment factory, supermarket, hotel, food processing plant, package plant, beer making plant, building materials factory, coating factory, etc.

Oil Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler

1. High efficiency

The radiation heating surface of boiler adopts corrugated furnace and the convection heating surface adopts threaded flue tube, so the heating surface is bigger than common boiler, and which directly affect the thermal efficiency up to above 95%.

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2. High quality welding

Pipe plate and barrel adopt pull side connection, while the welding line of boiler body adopts butt joint structure, all these welding uses unionmelt welding to ensure welding quality and flaw detection rate up to 100%.

埋弧自动焊-union melt welding.jpg

3. PLC intelligent control system

Our boiler adopts the integrated control equipment and PLC (PLC) control system, and operating the control system through touch screen increased greatly the automation degree and reliability, more easy to operate.

4. Advanced structure and environment friendly

Adopting wet back three return structure, corrugated furnace and thread pipe structure has good thermal scalability. Reasonable chamber design is suitable for various fuel, such as heavy oil, light oil, natural gas, coal gas, etc., and the fuel burns fully inside chamber as well as the flue gas pollutant is small, accord with state environmental protection requirements.

5. High quality auxiliary

The boiler adopts internationally renowned brand burner, such as Riello, Paterson, and the auxiliary instrument & valve also adopt famous brand, such as Siemens, Schneider, Omron, etc., to ensure boiler quality and safety.

6. Beautiful appearance

The boiler appearance uses colorful steel plate and the surface adopts high temperature paint and makes appearance perfect and beautiful.

7. Save space

Adopting package structure, the whole set boiler is set on the foundation with good quality, easy to install and transport, and save space for boiler room.

8. Safety and stable

Setting various protect function for boiler, such as over-temperature, over-pressure, water shortage, water level detectors and other, etc., to ensure boiler working safe and reliable.

 Item/Model Rated thermal   power (MW) Rated water   pressure (Mpa) Water temp.(℃) Return water   temp.(℃) Design fuel Transportation   method
WNS0.7-0.7/95/70-Y(Q) 0.7 0.7 95 70 Natural gas, coal gas, heavy oil, light oil,   etc. Package boiler
WNS1.4-1.0/95/70-Y(Q) 1.4 1.0 95 70
WNS2.1-1.0/95/70-Y(Q) 2.1 1.0 95 70
WNS2.8-1.25/115/70-Y(Q) 2.8 1.25 115 70
WNS4.2-1.25/115/70-Y(Q) 4.2 1.25 115 70
WNS5.6-1.0/115/70-Y(Q) 5.6 1.0 115 70
WNS7-1.0/95/70-Y(Q) 7 1.0 95 70
WNS10.5-1.0/65/55-Y(Q) 10.5 1.0 65 55
WNS14-1.6/130/70-Y(Q) 14 1.6 130 70


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