Agro / Farm Silo

Agro/Farm Silo

As we know grain silo is very common. Need the density of grain , then can calculate the silo volume arrcoding to customer’s request on silo capacity. Generally the silo including three parts: silo roof, silo body, silo bottom. In different design, engineer will add different system, such as ventilation system, precleaning system and dryer system, level indicator, temperature measurement, etc. Which depends on the customer’s actual needs and the local environment.

Agro / Farm Silo

Cement Silo

With the rapid development of the city, more and more high building raises up, which caused a lot of demand for cement. However, using bag to store cement is not suitable to large bulk cement storage. Steel silo is used to instead the bag to store cement, we called cement silo. Cement silo adopts galvanized steel plate and Lipp technology, it is mainly used for large and bulk cement powder storage.